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The 2016 Cyprus Underwater Archaeology Fieldschool has been generously supported by a grant from the Honor Frost Foundation under a application in 2014 entitled “Training the next generation – a partnership approach for Maritime Archaeology on Cyprus”.

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Visit the Honor Frost Foundation website here: http://honorfrostfoundation.org/



More information on the HFF grant awarded to the NAS and University of Cyprus can be found here  – Training the Next Generation…..


Honor Frost was an early pioneer in the field of underwater archaeology. When Honor died in 2010 she left the bulk of her estate to establish the foundation to promote marine and maritime archaeology with a focus on the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Foundation’s mission is to promote the advancement and research, including publication, of maritime archaeology with particular but not exclusive focus on the Eastern Mediterranean with an emphasis on Lebanon, Syria and Cyprus.



The Foundation seeks to further its mission in the following objects:

  • To provide grants to independent scholars, individuals working in research establishments and to institutions for work on marine and maritime archaeology.
  • To publish and disseminate research work which is a result of the HFF grants and papers from the Honor Frost archive.
  • To provide grants to museums, galleries and other national institutions to assist in displaying works relevant to the study of maritime archaeology and for public education in the field.
  • To sponsor public lectures and seminars within the field of marine and maritime archaeology.
  • To support excavations of archaeological sites, including but not exclusively, ports, harbours, offshore anchorages, and ancient anchors found undersea relevant to Levantine archaeology.
  • To support conservation work relevant to marine and maritime archaeology in the region.
  • To support exchange visits of museum staff from the Lebanon, Western Syria and Cyprus.
  • To facilitate the training of individuals from the region in restoration and conservation techniques relevant to marine and maritime archaeology.
  • To foster and promote the protection of underwater cultural heritage (UCH)


Honor Frost

Honor Frost was an early pioneer in the field of underwater archaeology. Born in Cyprus in 1917 she became the ward of the London solicitor Wilfred Evill after the death of her parents. Her love of diving started in a Wimbledon garden when she submerged herself in a ‘well’ as a young woman, as described in her first book ‘Under the Mediterranean’ (1963).


She studied at the Central School of Art in London and the Ruskin School of Art in Oxford and later worked as a designer for the Ballet Rambert and was director of publications at the Tate Gallery. In the mid-40s she designed a ballet, Khadra, which was choreographed by Celia Franca for the Sadler’s Wells Theatre Ballet to music by Sibelius.
Her artistic calling came to a halt after she fully fell in love with ‘diving’ in Marseilles in the late 1940s, training with the Club Alpin Sous-Marin in Cannes. This was the start of her passionate and deep interest in ‘under the sea’ and her mentor was the archaeologist Frédéric Dumas. Dumas took her on her first dive at a wreck of a Roman ship at Antheor on the south coast of France. Later, she was able to develop and consolidate archaeological skills, when she joined Kathleen Kenyon at Jericho as a draftsman for the excavations in 1957.
Honor realised quickly that the discipline of ‘on land’ archaeology was not her calling but she felt that many of its skills could be adapted to underwater archaeology. She was able to use these carefully learned methods of meticulous record-keeping in many of her future projects. She moved to Lebanon from Jericho and explored the ancient harbours of Byblos, Sidon and Tyre, where she developed her special interest in ports, harbours and anchors under the auspices of the Institut Français d’Archéologie in Beirut. She particularly felt that anchors could play a key role in identifying wrecks and showing patterns of trade and they continued to fascinate her throughout her career.

Under the Med


Text taken from http://honorfrostfoundation.org/honor-frost/



If you would like to support the Cyprus Underwater Archaeology Fieldschool please contact Mark Beattie-Edwards on mark@nauticalarchaeologysociety.org



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