Another day of diving into history

I started working with the University of Cyprus on the Mazotos Project in 2010. The site still amazes me even today. I am glad that Stella and the NAS gave me the opportunity to join the project this year and with the NAS field school that is taking place with the project, it gives me the opportunity so that I can learn more.

Arriving at ‘Queen Zenobia’

Today started as another normal day for the project, we woke at 5am and had to be on the boat for the 6am trip from Alaminos harbour out to our working boat the ‘Queen Zenobia’. The field school participants have already been separated into 3 different teams and today was the first day we felt like we were working as a team. Now we have been allocated our own trench to work in (Trench A) and we are getting to know our area better as we continue our work.

Our task today was to replace the amphorae labels from previous years that were either lost, un-readable or broken so that new clear labels could be placed and be clearly seen on the amphorae. We managed to tag 12 out of the 22 amphorae we were tasked to on our dive. It sounds like it should be an easy job to do but actually it is quite difficult to achieve. We realised at this time the hard work the teams in previous years had gone through to achieve tagging the amphorae and photogrammetric points on the site. This is surprisingly hard work!

Yiogos taking the plunge to walk on water

Now that every team has their own trench, each team had to undertake similar tasks in their own areas; locating amphorae that had lost their tags etc. and replacing these tags with new ones.

During the afternoon we returned to the classroom where we had an excellent presentation and lesson in photogrammetry by Dr. Dimitrios Skarlatos. The lesson was a lot to take in, and although I understand the concept of photogrammetry, the subject itself – to understand it properly, is a long university degree, so we were not going to be able to use it completely in only 2 hours. But what can be achieved with the software is amazing.

Working with NAS I realise that since 2010 I have been working on the wreck, and all those jobs that have been assigned to me in the past I did but never really understood why I had to do them. Now with the training from NAS, Mark and Rachel, I am understanding why we need to undertake these tasks each day.

I consider that today was another success because we have managed to communicate better between our teams and we are getting better at working as a group in general. I am looking forward to the rest of the project and learning more.

Having fun with some of the team!

 Written by Yiorgos Hadjittofis.


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