2016 Mazotos ship wreck excavation – The unfinished journey

Daily journal of the excavation voyage dated 21st century Year 2016, month 08, day 28. Log of the Trident team.

Continued today the surveying and excavation attempts to allow us to uncover what happened 2400 years ago, to a now known Greek merchant ship that sank off the southern coastline off the island of Cyprus.

The multinational team, full of energy was beamed from the headquarters (Mazotos village, High View Gardens) to the research ship stationed on top the wreck, about 1200 meters away from the coastline.

Everybody has been enjoying the view of the morning sun with the refreshing morning breeze.

Morning has broken

Having beamed on the research ship of the first team, the prep of the dive equipment setups, compressors, archaeological artefact storage area and deco area starts. This allows time, for the beaming of the complete team in waves.

Once the complete team is gathered, the briefing of the dive teams start with the tasks that needs to be done underwater as well as for the manning of the various posts on the ship for the various operations.

Everybody has a task. Each and every person with his expertise and knowledge helps, so that everything works like a Swiss watch on board the ship as well as underwater. There is no time to waste, especially underwater. Only 20 minutes bottom time, to a depth of 45 meters and then back to the surface, following the set deco procedures. Safety above all. Then debriefing, log book writing, and then back to the set tasks.

Archaeological dive briefing

What is known today on the Mazotos shipwreck, has brought together the need of many expertise of a multinational team of divers and archaeologists to work again. On a daily basis more information is coming up to the surface from a multinational team of technical divers and archaeologists.

The voyage to the past will continue for the earthly time space of one month.

This beautiful time voyage has been made possible by people from ‘outer space’ civilizations wanting to uncover and expose us, to our roots and our ancestors.

Special thanks to the people that made this voyage to the past possible:

The “mastorissa”, Dr. Stella Demesticha who kindly accepted our participation with the University of Cyprus and MARE Lab.

People from ‘outer space’:

  1. The Nautical Archeological Society (NAS, from the UK)
  2. The Honor Frost Foundation (from the UK)

All volunteers that spend their time at the expense of missing their families.

Written by Constantinos Mardacofta


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